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Do you attract Spirits or Demons?

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Do you attract Spirits or Demons?  Do you feel tired after waking up in the morning? 

Chances are, you have spirits, entities or demons, or a variety of sorts attached to you. They steal your purpose, energy, light, power, and spirit/soul fragments. They could attach to you daily in this lifetime, or they could be attached to you since you were born or even from another lifetime.

It’s important to get those spirits/demons removed. If you are not sure, I can identify them and remove them for you. After they have been removed, it is important for you to realize how they are attracted to you. There are many emotions that attract spirits. Yes, your emotions. They are all NEGATIVE emotions. Unfortunately, most of us have not yet mastered the art of perfect control over our own emotions. Various situations, circumstances, and experiences in life happen to us every day. These experiences or situations all trigger an emotional response. If we react to something that is to our liking, we react with a positive emotion such as joy, love, gratitude, enthusiasm, or peace. If we react to something that is not positive, we have negative emotions such as anger, resentment, peeved, anxiety, or even depression. These negative emotions make our energy field weak. When we are weak we are vulnerable and these negative beings enter your body, during the day and some enter when you are sleeping. They attack your body in many ways. Some steal your energy, soul fragments, power, etc, while powerful demons control others and can cause you to be sick, have health issues or continue to have negative emotions.

First of all, you/we have to identify your negative emotions and what those triggers are. The next step is to change the emotional reaction to what those triggers are. It’s not easy, but necessary. We must refuse to accept the triggers and try real hard to have a neutral or positive emotion. In other words, changing the reaction that was previously taking hold of us. Unfortunately, there are still many people who out of fear, or experiencing a negative emotion, give in to it. They get angry, feel sorry for themselves, and more without allowing themselves to be aware that they are feeling that emotion. People around them can see that they are angry, but when someone asks them, they say they are fine. Only when their feelings accumulate to an extreme, do they feel they are at a breaking point.

When you recognize that you are experiencing a negative emotion, don’t give into it. Actually, say, “I feel __, but I don’t give in to it, I don’t allow it to lead to, for example, an argument or to blame myself or others”. We have to be persistent. Sometimes, we have been feeling this emotion for a long time and it has affected our emotional and physical body in ways that are unhealthy. We call this stress. Stress can cause so many illnesses. Eventually, we start to notice that we aren’t feeling well in places that used to be fine. The news is that when we do not react to it, or give in to the negative triggers and not create the negative emotion, it loses intensity. When it has extreme intensity, it forms an opening in your energy field and that’s when negative spirits and beings attack. The best reaction is to relax. Stop talking and acting or reacting. Sit down or lie down and be still. Ignore the situation or trigger. When you start to react, stop talking or acting/reacting, will raise your vibration. This neutralizes our negative emotions and makes us stronger. This is the goal.

I have been taught how to remove demons, spirit entities, and more. This is something not many psychics, mediums, etc attempt, but I am a strong healer who is not afraid and has a strong sense of power in the healing realm. If you are unsure why you are feeling off or not quite right, have spirits bothering you, and more, reach out to me. I can help. First I will have to identify what you have and how many. Then I will do my best to clear you. The point of this blog is to realize that emotional weakness is opening the door to these spirits who are not interested in being nice to you and they steal your purpose, energy, light, power, and soul fragments. It’s up to you to start recognizing those triggers and change your reactions and become much stronger. It does make a difference!

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