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Judy Holt

My name is Judy Holt. I was born and raised in the state of Washington, in a small farming town close to the border. I can honestly say that I enjoy life to the fullest.

I have an adventurer’s spirit, am full of life experiences, and have plenty of stories to tell. I’m a boater, a scuba diver, snow skier, crab when I can, and love the beauty of the world around me. I enjoy being outside. I like to make things and go to street fairs. I love being around people and attend sporting events to cheer on my favorite teams.

I enjoy learning about various cultures and passionate about traveling. I live in Arizona and visit Washington often. I retired after teaching 40 years. 20 years in the classroom and 20 as an elementary physical education teacher. That period of my life I obtained a Master’s Degree in Education and a Masters in Creative Arts. I am currently a certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner through Dr. Bradley Nelson. My recent training is the Removal of Demons and Spirit Entities.

judy holt

I have always felt spiritual as a child and teen and wanted to know more. As an adult, through talking to people, experiences, reading, learning and taking classes, I found my new meaning in my next chapter in life. I was guided to help people and animals of all ages and types. Healing others gives me joy, fills my heart and excitement when I have made a difference in the emotional and physical health of someone.

I can help children and older with ADD and ADHD behaviors. Do you feel tired after you wake up in the morning? Do you feel like something is blocked or things just aren’t going well? Chances are you have a Demon, a Spirit Entity or a Curse. The Spirit Entity or Demon is stealing your energy, power, light and pieces of your soul while you sleep. I can help remove them.

I often noticed that young children would stop and look at me with a smile and wave when I was shopping and yet I never knew the child. Sometimes a child would come and hug me and run away. I figured out that they sense that I am safe and comforting. Children are very perceptive as are animals.

One day, a friend came to me and said she was there to help me get started in my studies on how to heal people spiritually.
That is when I started with Reiki, read many books, and took online classes. After that, I continued with my training and became a certified practitioner with The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Through training and practices, my knowledge and understanding has brought me to realize that helping people gives me happiness. I get goosebumps and excitement when I help people heal. It’s such an amazing feeling!  I am so grateful for the knowledge, understanding, and opportunity to help others.

Training and Certification:

I am passionate about connecting with and helping parents and children
who have health issues both physically and emotionally.

I am passionate about connecting with and helping parents
and children who have health issues
both physically and emotionally.