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Judy has worked on me, my family and my home! She has done a phenomenal job and I highly recommend her. She is talented, gifted, trustworthy. She is very communicative, organized and dependable. She is dedicated and focused. I feel empowered to continue on my personal healing path with the clearing she has done for me and my world as well as tools to continue to thrive. Her gifts and skills are unique. She continues to learn new things and uses all resources available to her to help her clients. Cannot say enough good things about my personal experience with Judy!
~ Janny
Judy Holt is a tremendous healer with many gifts and talents. We feel really blessed to know her. She is organized, diligent, professional and kind who tries her best and follows through unlike anyone I've ever known. Judy has extensive knowledge in the area of health and healing plus wisdom from the guides and angels. I like feeling that I am part of the healing process so I get to ask questions and participate in my own healing and that of my family which includes fur babies!Judy works on pets too! As a recent example, I have been telling everyone about the amazing discovery Judy found out about my cat Mickey. After many years of health struggles and 5 vets and getting nowhere, Judy found through her guides that the cat had a fluke parasite. It was hard for me to believe or understand at first but later it made sense. Fortunately, my vet is open-minded and holistic so she used panacur to rid the cat of parasites. It seems to have worked as the cat is doing better than I have known in the past 5 years!Judy also found issues with hydration which was also accurate. I bought a recirculating fountain which Mickey really likes and is responding to favorably. We call her the miracle cat for good reason. She is 18 and has a strong desire to live. I am very grateful to Judy, the Guides and the Angels and Archangels for their help, support and love.
~ AH
I have been going to Judy for some time now and it has helped tremendously. She has taught me techniques to combat entity attachments as well as insights on what I've done to attract them. It has been a learning experience and she has been a great teacher, guide and friend. I highly recommend her services.
~ Doris Vondran
Judy Holt has worked with me extensively over the last several weeks. This work has been addressing everything from removing of Demons to Shape-shifters, family trauma, removing and clearing of dark entities in six figure numbers, contact with high entity resources for validation and source information.

I found Judy to operate far outside a normal level of spiritual consultation. Let me share the findings I experienced with the actions she‘s taken for me and the work around it.

1. Does extensive research understanding and determines the best approach and strategy resolving the issue for the client.
2. Goes above and beyond in the deliver of information, action plans, techniques, and accountability to the client.
3. Helps the client to understand the very challenging and ever-changing spiritual market e.g.: Artificial intelligence, stretch of the industries across timelines, dimensions, and dynamics of local market, etc.
4. Professionalism, expertise, positive attitude, and calm demeanor that makes you feel secure and in good hands to solve your problem.

Judy is a fantastic Spiritual warrior! I trust her immensely as she has address many initiatives that solve real life problems and my sanity.

I highly recommend Judy Holt! You’re in good hands with an expert in your spiritual needs.
~ Michele Arrandale
Judy is amazing! The moment we talked, we were connected! She is so in tune with her guides, it blows me away! She has helped me through a very hard time in my life! I honestly could not have done it without her! Thank you Judy, and that doesn't express my appreciation enough!
~ Carrie P.
I recently had a session with Judy Holt and during our session, my mom who passed away 25 years ago had a message come through for me about how concerned she is for my sister and I told Judy my sister was getting ready to have a big surgery to remove a large mass and Judy told us not to worry there is no cancer and sure enough, after my sisters surgery her results came back there was no cancer. Judy is extremely gifted and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.
~ Diana Kleist
After experiencing the emotional drain of a lifetime of trauma and abuse I felt the weight of my unresolved emotions was too much to handle on my own and reached out to Judy for help with my energy and what I suspected was trapped emotion and energy in my body. Judy was amazing, she took her time and really worked to intuitively understand my traumas and the impact they continued to have on my life and my body. Judy revealed details I had never shared with anyone and pinpointed the emotions I struggled with most and released them. I noticed within one day that the chronic pain which I had been attempting to treat with physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and yoga and had never really improved faded away and now a month later I am still free of that pain. I also noticed that the chronic PTSD nightmares I had been struggling with for years faded away as well. I highly recommend Judy and her services, which were worth every penny. Judy is truly gifted and her services have improved the quality of my life and relationships.
~ Mollie Stasi
I feel so blessed after encountering Judy and having her help me with my struggles. Judy helped me get rid of a spiritual attachment. She also informed me that she could help my family as well. I noticed a difference right away when she started clearing. The activity in my home immediately started to decrease and the attachments immediately started to go away.. I feel so happy and relieved now that I have found Judy. I am forever grateful! She is very responsive and is very helpful and I can tell she is very compassionate and passionate about wanting to help others. If you are looking for a medium/healer Judy is the one for you!
~ Marguerite T.
Judy Holt has been a Godsend in helping several chronic aches and pains I had for over 20 years. After releasing some specific trapped emotions that were inherited I had relief from constant jaw pain that was giving me TMJ symptoms for quite some time. I could feel immediate relief after the treatment. Also, I have been experiencing extreme pain in my teeth lately and found that releasing some various negative trapped emotions helped relieve the pain in my teeth.

I highly recommend Judy Holt and I am sold on her abilities and instincts.
~ Beth Bivens
My neck actually released  better than it has in years the week Judy asked me if she could look into my system to see where I may be holding energy patterns that are blocking me from healing. My chiropractic husband, was very surprised with how well my neck moved that week, congratulating himself thinking, of course, that he is the most excellent chiropractor in the world (which he is). But then I told him about what Judy had been working on and he was even more surprised by the symbiosis.

I told him about what she had been working on and the connection to my neck. He was very impressed and surprised at the releases and thought that if what she did had made an improvement like that he was 100% supportive of it!
~ Andrea Bates
I have learned working with Judy Holt that the Emotion Code and Body Code are  a miraculous systems to help release stress, trauma-induced pain, and emotions that build up and are trapped in our bodies. Judy is an amazingly intuitive energy healer who truly cares about people and animals.

In one area I was struggling with my last 10 pounds of weight, and once Judy cleared my emotions the next day I lost 2 pounds with only 4 until my goal. Yay, Judy!!!

I highly recommend using Judy not only her energy but smile for life is contagious.

Do not be afraid to try her out as only positive result are waiting for you.
~ D.M.
Often the skeptic and from a long family history of traditional medicine, I was not optimistic when Judy suggested that she could help me with my chronic debilitating knee and calf pain. It was so unbearable that I had nothing to lose and possibly something to gain. Trusting her and allowing her to heal me were the best health decisions I made in quite a while. I am not pain-free, but it has become manageable again and improves daily. Thank you so much Judy. I am no longer skeptical.
~ Rick Ferguson
I suffered from what I thought was an intestinal bug. I had stomach pain for 5 days. I called Judy Holt to see if she could help me. Preferring alternative medical options, I contacted her. After Judy's help, about 30 minutes later, my stomach ache went away. It was as if she turned off the faucet. She pinpointed the trapped emotions quickly and with success. Thank you Judy!
~ K.Y.